About Company

Raaga Technologies is a company focused on creating cloud platforms in areas of education, health care, consumer technologies and small & medium enterprises. We intend to build super scalable and accesible cloud platforms in these areas. Our aim is to change the way technology can be used to improve quality of our customers business in these areas. Raaga is commited to offer sophisticated and advance technology platforms to its customers in education and health segments. Raaga will also focus on making technology affordable to all its customers in all the segments. Our first cloud platform for education is eduPlace. eduPlace is a subscription based cloud platform. Any school, institute or any academic unit can register on the platform and manage their academics. Schools do not need to pay upfront for software and hardware. They can select a plan on eduPlace which fits into their requirement and pay monthly only for the features they use. eduPlace is a cloud platform offers a complete end to end solutions for schools to create and manage their digital prescence, seamlessly interact with parents and students, manage complete academics and a lot more. We are a company focused on building next generation technology and offering it to our customers through cloud.

Company Ethics Statement

We at Raaga pledge to be fair in all our interacions and deals with employees, customers and partners. We will make sure that we are not giving in to any pressures under any circumstances and will continue to follow our policy of utmost honesty and fairness. Keeping our values is the most significant aspect of our cultural existance and operations. Our values, ethics and culture are non negotiable and are also part of the fabric of company.